Student Learning Outcomes for the American Studies Major at Lafayette College:

Students who graduate with a major in American Studies should understand the knowledge base and be able to apply the scholarly and critical practices that constitute the interdisciplinary field of American Studies. Specifically, graduates should be able to:

  • Understand theories and methods from at least two disciplines related to American Studies
  • Understand the political and historical dimensions of culture.
  • Recognize the key ideas, values and conflicts that have shaped the development of¬†American history and culture and identify current and emerging issues within the field.
  • Analyze a diversity of texts and cultural forms using perspectives from at least two disciplines related to American Studies.
  • Create and communicate complex, cogent arguments informed by an American Studies approach.
  • Understand the unique relationship America has with the rest of the world.
  • Demonstrate an ability to conduct specialized, original research in a particular concentrated area of American Studies (Social Justice in America, Popular and High Culture in America, Business, Work and Society in America, Place in America or another custom designed area selected in consultation with the advisor) through their work in the research seminar and/or on the Honors thesis.

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