Social Justice in America

Students investigate issues of social justice as connected to race, gender, class, and ethnicity in American history and culture (nine-course minimum).

Required Courses

AMS 150 Introduction to American Studies
AMS 362 Seminar in American Studies
AMS 363 Senior Research Seminar in American Studies

Six of the following courses (at least one in each category)

Category I
A&S 210 Contemporary American Society
A&S 212 Sex and Gender
A&S 214 Race and Ethnic Relations
A&S 227 The Family
ECON 330 Urban Economics
ECON 378 Women in the Economy
G&L 204 Gender and the Law
G&L 207 Black Politics in the United States
G&L 213 Law and Society
G&L 314 Liberty in the United States
G&L 315 Equality in the United States
Category II
HIST 233 Slavery, Civil War, and Reconstruction
HIST 235 Progressivism through the 1920s
HIST 236 Recent America
HIST 258 U.S. Constitutional History
HIST 264 Women in American History
HIST 266 American Jewish History
REL 231 American Religious History
Category III
ART 235 African American Art I
ART 236 African American Art II
ART 351 Postmodernism, Gender, and Identity
ENG 219 Literary Women
ENG 228 American Jewish Literature
ENG 246 Black Writers
HIST 380/381 Internship (relating to social justice issues)
INDS 211 The Black Experience
INDS 240 From Generosity to Justice
INDS 360 Racial Identity Development and African Americans
PHIL 215 Feminist Philosophy
PSYCH 248 Psychology of Gender
REL 236 African Religion in the Americas
REL 222 Religion and Political Life
WS 101 Introduction to Women’s Studies
WS 250 Gender and Science
WS 380/381 Internship in Women’s Studies