Popular and High Culture in America

Students study American “high” and popular culture as represented in literature, art, film, and media.

Required Courses

AMS 150 Introduction to American Studies
AMS 362 Seminar in American Studies
AMS 363 Senior Research Seminar in American Studies

Six of the following courses (at least one in each category)

Category 1
ENG 212 American Literature and Its Backgrounds
ENG 213 Modern and Postmodern American Literature
ENG 219 Literary Women
ENG 225 Contemporary Fiction
ENG 228 American Jewish Literature
ENG 246 Black Writers
ENG 304 Major American Writers
ENG 328 The American Renaissance
ENG 329 American Decades
ENG 330 American Decades
ENG 343 The American Novel to 1900
ENG 344 The Modern American Novel
ENG 347 Twentieth Century Poetry
Category II
ART 231 American Art
ART 234 Twentieth Century Painting and Sculpture
ART 235 African American Art I
ART 236 African American Art II
Category III
A&S 210 Contemporary American Society
A&S 226 The Forms of Folklore
A&S 245 Mass Communication and Society
ENG 216 Film and Literature
ENG 240 Introduction to Film
ENG 260 The New York Theater (Interim)
REL 235 Alternative Religious Movements in the U.S.
REL 221 Religion and Society
MUS 193 New York Jazz Experience
MUS 263 Music in America