Business, Work, and Society in America

Students focus on the role of work and business in America from an interdisciplinary perspective and in historical context.

Required Courses

AMS 150 Introduction to American Studies
AMS 362 Seminar in American Studies
AMS 363 Senior Research Seminar in American Studies

Six of the following courses (at least one in each category)

A&S 210 Contemporary American Society
A&S 215 Occupations and Professions
A&S 216 Class, Status, and Power
A&S 235 Business and Society
A&S 247 Organizations in Action
CS 200 Computers and Society
EP 470 Engineering and Public Policy
PHIL 107 Business Ethics
Category II
ECON 211 Intermediate Microeconomics
ECON 212 Intermediate Macroeconomics
ECON 323 Money and Banking
ECON 330 Urban Economics
ECON 331 Industrial Organization
ECON 332 Economics of Labor
ECON 340 Law and Economics
ECON 341 Public Finance
ECON 342 Political Economy
ECON 360 Marketing
Category III
AMS 351 Rise of Industrial America
AMS 352 Decline of Industrial America
ECON 343 Economic History of the United States
HIST 215 History of Technology
HIST 231 Early American Social and Economic History
HIST 250 Technology and the American Imagination
HIST 365 American Technological Development