Affiliated Faculty

Affiliated American Studies Faculty, 2014-15


Susan Averett, Professor of Economics and Business. Teaching and research interests: economic demography, labor economics, health economics, birth order.

Bianca Falbo, Associate Professor of English and Co-Director of the College Writing Program. Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh. Teaching and research interests: Composition, pedagogy, late-18th through 19th century Anglo-American literary culture, history of the book, textual criticism.

Curlee Raven Holton, Professor of Art and Art Department Head; Director, Experimental Printmaking Institute. M.F.A., Kent State University. Teaching and research interests: African American art history, printmaking, drawing, and painting.

David Johnson, Professor of English and English Department Head. Ph.D., Pennsylvania State. Teaching and research interests: American literature and culture, Ernest Hemingway, Conrad Richter.

Rebecca Kissane, Associate Professor of Anthropology and Sociology. Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania. Teaching and research interests: poverty, urban sociology, the family, and the welfare state.

Mary Jo Lodge, Associate Professor of Theater.  Ph.D., Bowling Green State University.  Teaching and research interests: musical theater, theater, directing, women in American theater, choreography, women’s studies

Robert Mattison, Marshall R. Metzgar Professor of Art. Ph.D., Princeton University. Teaching and research interests: contemporary American art; 19th century drawing, painting, architecture, and sculpture.

Donald Miller, John Henry MacCracken Professor of History. Ph.D., University of Maryland. Teaching and research interests: 20th century United States history, urban history, World War II.

Joshua Miller, (Home Page), Professor of Government and Law. Ph.D., Princeton University. Teaching and research interests: political theory particularly within its American context, relationship of fashion and beauty to democracy.

Deborah Rosen, Professor of History and History Department Head. Ph.D., Columbia University. Teaching and research interests: Colonial America, revolutionary America, early national period, legal history, women’s history, race and ethnicity, and history of American Indians.

Jennifer Rossmann, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering. Ph.D., UC–Berkeley. Teaching and research interests: fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, heat transfer, biomechanics, and structural mechanics; biological fluid dynamics, mechanics, and aerodynamics of baseball.

George Torres, Associate Professor of Music. Ph.D., Cornell University. Teaching and research interests: 17th century French lute performance, Latin American bolero romántico, Latin American big band music, and film music.

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